Only one Green Femal left

New Baby Parrotlets coming soon.

Beautiful Hand-Fed & Hand-Tame Baby Parrotlets
These Hand-Fed birds become completely devoted companions
who enjoy spending time with their owners.
they can learn more then 10 - 15 words and can "whistle"songs well.
Parrotlets have a long life span of 20+ years.
They are beautiful , cute , very friendly , and are great pets
for the entire family.
Available colors : Green & Yellow & Blue
they are fully weaned and ready to go to New loving Home.
For more information please call me at (403) 352 -
Yellow & Blue : $160 Green : $140
Each baby bird comes with:
-A hatch certificate
-A bag of their daily seed mix
-An information booklet on how to raise your baby parrotlet!
I just love my birdies so much. Thank you so much. Healthy, Happy, Loving parrolets.Wishing you a great day.
Kindest regards. Marie
Maries beautiful parrotlets Benny & Bella picture #9