I've been working on breeding show guppies and have some from various stages of development and various generations in breeding, I am trying to breed the majority of blues, greens, and blacks, and in the process breed some teals, and deep violets. I cannot always guarantee that I'll have what you want as bloodlines are harder to trace however it has been seven months since I started here in red deer and I've finally (99%) isolated the bloodlines of the fish in my tank and bred out the reds (which I did not intend to breed) while keeping in some recessive traits that I did want to keep (fin styles etc). I currently have a few for sale and pictures will be posted/updated as required.
As a side note, unlike typical fish purchased at a pet store, mine have not been seriously interbred, I breed in new lines to add to my coloration etc to help strengthen the gene pool and make healthier stronger fish.
Depending on quality of the fish price will vary:
Males (coloration/generation) (as of December): $3.00
Females (coloration): $2.00
There may be occasions where they will be cheaper or if a few are bought I will throw in an extra.
And if you have any questions I'll always try to help, I do research a lot of things and may know more than the typical pet store clerk.
Update January 1st: I currently have two males and two females as posted in the picture availiable.