We have a few Roborovski Hamsters for sale as we've decided to stop breeding them. We have them available either with or without cages. Without cages will include small baggie of food (peanut/nut free due to severe allergies in the household), small baggie of shavings, and if you bring your cage we'll get it set up ready for you. All cages come with water bottle, food dish, wheel etc.
UPDATE: All we have remaining is the father with or without a cage and a second of the green cages without a hamster.
Father w/o cage: $10
Father with single level cage: $20
Just single level cage: $10
All of the above: $30 - $5 = $25
Young Male (from last litter) w/o cage: $10 SOLD
In the final cage there is the Mother and Three Young Females which separate are $10 each.
The only way to sell with the cage (the only two level cage) is to take all remaining hamsters with it.
Four with cage $60 - 10% = $54 SOLD
Three with cage $50 - 5% = $52.50 = $52 SOLD
Two with cage $40 - 5% = $38 SOLD
One with cage $30 SOLD
We are also willing to sell mom and dad (which average litter was seven, smallest was four) however one would need to have a second cage as after a litter is born the mother becomes very protective, and to keep them separate until breeding is desired.
If you have any other combinations desired please send me a text at 1-403-350- or if unable please reply to this e-mail and I will get back to you as soon as possible.